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Excellent Durability
The coupling provides outstanding durability with the torque distributed to the strong roller chains and surface-hardened sprocket teeth.
Easy Coupling and Decoupling
Can be connected and disconnected by simply inserting and extracting a single roller chain joint pin.
Absorption of Large Misalignment
The clearance between the components absorbs large misalignment of both shafts.
Extensive Lineup
A total of 24 models, including 15 models compliant with JIS standards and 9 other models, are standardized.
(Roller chain shaft coupling: JIS B 1456-1989)


  • The body consists of two special sprockets with hardened teeth and dedicated two-strand roller chains.
  • A joint pin and a clip/split pin are attached.
  • *These components are sold separately.

3.Precaution for Use

Please mount a casing in the following cases:

  • Used at high rotating speeds
  • Used under abrasive conditions, such as dusty areas
  • Used in corrosive environments, such as moist areas

4.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example