Stainless Steel Series Main Unit


1. Features

Excellent corrosion resistance
Ideal for use outdoors or in acidic, alkaline, or other corrosive environments.
Operating Temperature Range
With no case: -20 to 200°C
With case: -10 to 80°C
(Note: Contact a Tsubaki representative regarding using the Stainless Steel Series with case over 80°C.)
Clean quality
This highly rust resistant coupling is perfect when paired together with a fluorine based grease for food equipment and cleanroom applications.

List of Chemical Resistance

Chemical/Food Name Resistance Chemical/Food Name Resistance Chemical/Food Name Resistance
Acetone Hydrogen peroxide 30% Vinegar
Alcohol Formic acid 50% Potassium hydroxide 20%
Ammonia water Chromic acid 5% Sodium hydroxide 25%
Zinc chloride 50% Acetic acid 10% Concentrated nitric acid 65%
Ferric chloride 5% Calcium hypochlorite Boric acid 50%
Sodium chloride 5% Sodium hypochlorite 10% Sulfuric acid 5%
Hydrochloric acid 2% Oxalic acid 10% Zinc sulfate 25%
Seawater Nitric acid 5% Phosphoric acid 5%
  •  : Corrosion resistant
  •  : Corrosion resistant in certain applications
  • – : Not corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistance will change considerably depending on the operating conditions. The above are not guaranteed values.
Refer to the above table and confirm the amount and type of corrosion in your actual operating conditions before choosing your specifications.

2. Structure

  • The main unit is composed of an austenitic stainless steel sprocket and special double strand stainless steel roller chain.
  • Comes with special stainless steel connecting links and clips.

3. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example